Our Services

It is better to be fit for the world we live in now than persist with outdated paradigms and systems designed for a world that no longer exists. We need the courage to challenge established practices and long held assumptions.

But we also need to be sensitive to our context – practical, operational and political constraints are real and powerful and need to be navigated carefully.

Puhoi Stour are experts at combining science, new technologies and organisational-savvy and we are experienced in leading or contributing to high-profile, outcome-oriented programmes.

  • Describing the ‘light on the hill’ – Interrogating programmes and methods, and defining common goals and outcomes
  • Evaluating context and mapping terrain – finding the best ways forward
  • Building and managing teams – giving people the opportunity to do their best work
  • Asking the right questions – keeping pace with context while staying focused on the outcome
  • Turning scientific and technical content, and free-ranging discussion into crisp, clear messages
  • Using visualisation tools and new media to cut through complexity
  • Combining conventional methods with digital technologies – integrating physical sampling and modelling, little-data and big-data, expert analysis and machine learning
  • Participating in scientific debate and decision-making – contributing articles to peer-reviewed journals and conferences, drafting and peer-reviewing briefs of evidence, and sitting on hearing panels.
  • Correcting drift in projects and organisations
  • Breaking inertia with creativity and momentum